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Welcome to Our Purple Studio, add some color to your everyday life. We offer graceful and unique products that are selected carefully from across the country to suit every occasion and every wear.

Our Purple Studio was formed with the objective of owning a virtual space in the minds of all beautiful ladies. The  journey towards realizing our dream acquires meaning and beauty as it gets effortlessly blended with our vision  of creating a platform to showcase our talent and ability.

Why the color PURPLE…………Harnessing the calm stability of blue and the fierce energy of red, the color purple has its own import. As fleeting as the twilight on a mountain, the color purple appears in small doses in nature. However, where it does, it offers a sense of spirituality, uplifts and calms the mind and encourages creativity.

Our Purple Studio offers a wide range of designer artificial jewelry.

Our Purple Studio is an all women e-platform, conceived and designed by women with the vision of linking household women entrepreneurs to world market.

We ensure high quality products and exceptional customer experience.

Keep connected with us for understanding what is trending in fashion and arts.

We offer free shipping and returns on our products because why spoil the joy and fun of shopping.

This is just the beginning. Let's keep adding colors to our lives and other’s lives.

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